Question: How is the center of the pattern determined?


Answer: The system measures the distance of every pellet from the left and from the top. These measurements are added up and then the average of those distance represents the center of the pattern.



Question: How can anything about the accuracy of the shotgun be determined? Does it really matter?


Answer: The summary report shows the relative positions of the individual pattern centers. Accuracy can then be determined by looking at the group size shown in the summary. An accurate shotgun/load/choke combination will place the pattern centers in a small group in the same place on the summary report. The same way a good rifle makes a small group.

Accuracy can matter. We wouldn't want a combination that varied by 10 inches at 40 yards when fired from a rest. The accuracy you observe may be the shooter and not the gun. A freehand session will very likely show a larger group than a benchrested session.





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