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Question: What is true choke?


Answer: Choke is expressed as a percentage. This is the number of pellets in a 30" circle at 40 yards divided by the number of pellets you started with. This type of choke is considered "True" because it is actually observed and measured instead of just being predicted from a constriction. Chokes are made to a specific constriction and then labeled with Full, Mod etc. The actual "True" choke one could expect from measurements will depend on several things. The shell selected, temperature and altitude will all play a role in the actual pattern you end up placing on a target. The "True" choke is very often significantly different than the designation on the outside of the choke.

True Choke percentages:

Full - 70% +

IMod - 65%

Mod - 60%

Lmod - 55%

IC -    50%

Skt - 45%

Cyl - 40%




Question: What do you mean by an effective diameter?


Answer: The typcial pattern thins out towards the edges. The system determines the maximum diameter for which the number of pellets per unit area stays above a threshold value. This can make comparisons of open chokes at shorter distances easier.





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